A Personalized Partnership Built Around Your Needs

Symphonic Partner is a music distribution service that provides established and thriving artists, record labels, managers, and distributors with the team, music marketing, and business intelligence they need to grow revenue and brand awareness through music promotion and distribution to over 200+ digital music stores and streaming services.

Sophisticated Technology

Scalable, world class technology platform for established artists and labels. Our proprietary technology offers an easy-to-use interface for catalog management, detailed insights, music promotion tools, and more.

  • Transfer catalog to Symphonic with ease, using our patented technology TransferTrack.

  • Easy and intuitive analytics. See how your music is performing on Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, playlist pickups, and more.

  • Send royalties to unlimited contributors using our payments technology: SplitShare™ (Free – No fees for SplitShare™, to you or your payees)

  • Give custom access levels to your account to anyone, allow people to see only what you want them to see.

  • Monthly royalty accounting & payments

  • Your Brand. Show your logo on your own login page or header.

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Dedicated Marketing Team

Gain access to our music marketing experts to help increase awareness of your music in DSPs with the latest marketing strategies.

  • Playlist pitching to major DSPs and our network of third party playlisters

  • Presave links to help you market your new tracks to your fan base

  • Ability to purchase customized release strategies unique to your project.Focus on artist and brand growth, introduction to the market, social media, pivoting, and pitching to media sources.

  • Explore custom digital marketing campaigns to reach the right listeners, build fan relationships, and make more money. Our team can set up ads across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, and other platforms to help drive results.

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Personalized Support

Partner clients have the ability to receive dedicated support as part of their deal with Symphonic. One point of contact that will help connect the dots, answer any questions you may have, and provide guidance from our DSP marketing team where needed.

  • Assistance in release planning, marketing strategy, technical support and/or business development.

  • Coordination with other departments (marketing, content, audience development, community management, foreign offices, etc.), centralizing recommendations and monitoring of the catalog and future releases.

  • Connecting you with third party vendors and partners across the world: press officers, freelance project managers, manufacturing, including specialists in royalty calculations, scheduling, neighboring rights, street marketing, etc.

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Specialized Services

Record labels, artists, managers all have different needs and wants. Symphonic doesn’t stop at digital distribution, we can also help expand your business with specialized services.

  • Sync Licensing

  • Physical Distribution

  • Neighboring Rights Collection

  • Mechanical Royalty Administration

  • VIP Publishing Administration

  • and more!

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Case Studies

Learn about the strategies we use to take our clients to the next level.

Grace Gaustad
Grace Gaustad

Our team helped Grace land her music video on 17 video placements including flagship playlists: New Releases on Vevo, New Video Arrivals (TIDAL) as well as getting her focus tracks on 52 editorial playlists across Spotify, Apple, Pandora, TIDAL, Vevo, YouTube Music, and XITE. We also coordinated takeovers on TIDAL and TikTok.

Isaia Huron
Isaia Huron

Symphonic distributed and pitched Isaia Huron’s music to our network of 200+ DSP’s resulting in 27 playlist pickups including two inclusions in Spotify’s New Music Friday, Spotify’s POLLEN, Apple’s New Music Daily, and more. We also activated YouTube Content ID and Content ID Publishing resulting in additional revenue.

La Ross Maria
La Ross Maria

Symphonic distributed and pitched La Ross Maria’s music to our network of 200+ DSPs resulting in 62 Spotify editorial playlist placements and 344 total playlists placements. Additionally, YouTube channel management yielded 2.1 million YouTube subscribers, providing additional revenue to the artist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing for Partner?

Partner deals custom and include DSP Marketing (Spotify and Apple Music pitching for example) as well as the ability to get personalized support. You additionally have the option of having a custom deal depending on your wants and needs where other services may be able to be bundled in.

How many artists and releases can I have on an account?

You can have as many artists and releases you’d like at all levels, including primary, featuring, and/or remixer artists.

How is this different from Starter?

Starter is DIY and fee based with some limitations while Partner has no limitations and no fees. You pay only a percentage of your royalties as you are using additional Symphonic resources.

Will you do marketing if I sign up under this plan?

We will welcome you to submit marketing drivers via our dashboard (SymphonicMS) for our team to consider and pitch. You additionally can take advantage of our paid marketing services and our third party playlist promotion company, Streaming Promotions.

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