Frequently Asked Questions

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Applying to Symphonic

How do I sign up?

Get started right here.

Do you accept artists or labels?

We accept artists, record labels, managers, and all types of creators.

Do I have to pay for your services?

Symphonic Starter has an annual fee of $19.99. Symphonic Partner is percentage-based. Some services, that are available under both plans, have fees.

If I release music through Symphonic, am I locked into a long-term, exclusive deal?

If a release is submitted to DSPs through Symphonic, that release cannot be re-distributed via another distributor until the end of the contractual term. Therefore, the exclusivity only applies to specific distributed content and not to the artist or label themselves.

Transitioning to Symphonic

Would we lose listeners and/or plays when transferring to Symphonic Distribution?

To optimize the preservation of play counts during a content transfer, it’s vital to utilize TransferTrack, our dedicated tool for seamless transfers. Be sure to incorporate your release’s original UPC, catalog number, ISRC codes, metadata (including song titles and artist names), audio files, and release date. Our suggestion is to initiate the content upload through TransferTrack, allowing it to undergo processing and approval prior to initiating a takedown with your former distributor. Rest assured, we’re readily available to provide guidance throughout this procedure.

Remember, we are always here to assist you during this process.

Releasing Music

Can I distribute cover songs?

Cover songs are accepted as long as the proper license is obtained. We recommend using to license cover songs, but clients are welcome to use any service they’d like.

How many partners do you distribute to and which ones are they?

We distribute to hundreds of different outlets and digital service providers. Check out our list of current partners here. We are always adding new distribution partners to our network.

What is your coverage/accessibility in Asian markets? Are there plans to expand?

We distribute content to Chinese outlets such as Tencent, Alibaba and NetEase. Additionally, we service other DSPs in Asia like JioSaavn, KK Box and Express In Music. As new platforms and services come to market, we’ll continue to integrate them to our offerings as we see fit.

Additional Services

What other services does Symphonic offer?

Symphonic provides many different services, including Video Distribution, YouTube and Soundcloud Monetization, Publishing Administration and Sync Licensing.

Do you distribute videos too?

Yes! We distribute videos as well. Learn about our offering here

Do you offer sync licensing?

At Symphonic, we have our own Sync licensing brand by the name of Bodega Sync. This service is selective and all content is evaluated by the sync team before it is accepted.

Do you guys offer music promotion?

We regularly promote our artists through our playlists and site content, but most of the marketing and design services are a la carte and/or fee-based.

Can you guys help me get verified?

We don’t provide verification services, but you can check out this blog post for best practices on getting verified.

I Still Need Help

I haven’t received my login info yet

Let our client services team know via a help desk request.

I haven’t heard back about my app yet

It typically takes about 5 business days for your application to be reviewed. If it has been longer than that and you made sure our emails didn’t get flagged as junk, please reach out to our client services team via the help desk.

Is there a contact phone number for Symphonic or is all communication done via email?

The best method to get in touch with our team is through our Client Relations help desk. Your request will be properly documented and one of our representatives will provide a response as soon as possible.

Submit a request to our Client Relations team.

You can also create requests within the SymphonicMS Dashboard under the Help Tab once you’re a client

When will I get paid?

Symphonic issues payments and statements on a monthly basis. You may review our accounting schedule. In order to collect payments, you must provide up-to-date payment information (including tax information) for each pay period. Your balance will remain active on your account until payments are claimed.

How do I submit a help desk request?

Please reach out to our client services team via the help desk.